Letter from a Killer

Letter from a Killer, page 1
Dear G.P. Putnam's Son's
Hi, my name is James Kelly, I'm currently incarcerated, but Please Don't Repudiate me just yet okay. Thank you very much.
I'm writing to you of a deep concern. I hope that you'll understand and help me out here?
I seriously need to get this letter to Mr. John Sandford the Author of Mind Prey, Rule's of Prey, Night Prey, Silent Prey, etc... etc... So Please would you forward this letter to him for me?
Mr. Sandford, I've read your book "Rules of Prey" and I'd enjoried it very much! Not that the fact that Maddog was killing females, but of being a serial killer! I don't know I guess it's in my Blood. I'm serving a long very long sentence. I'm not able to get until around the year 2051 if I'm lucky. And that's not misprint yes 2051.
I've got no family, so therefore, whatever money I obtain is on my behalf. I could put into action several prison schemes that I know, but I want to try to get money the honest way first, then if nothing's happening, I'll go with the P/S.
I'm working a serial killer novel my self. No I'm not an author like yourself. Actually I don't know a think about writing a novel. I've sent my plot and ending to Silhouette publishings to see what they think of it, but it's been a while now, and no response yet. So I don't think that they're too much interested.
Mr. Sandford, Sir, your a good writer, however, in the Rules of Prey. The way Maddog was killing his victim's was very similar to

Letter from a Killer, page 2
Maddog hadn't killed but one hooker and Jack the Ripper's main tarket's was hooker's. I've read up on the Ripper, because People believed that he was left handed and I'm left-handed. Personal speaking, I think that the Ripper was a female.
Mr. Sandford, Sir, I seriously need some financial here. Could we join our thought''s together an write some novel's? I mean I'll up some Criminal Intent idea's and you provide the reportive, and the detective ideas??
Mr. Sandford, Sir, I'm so deep into poverity that I can't even afford this stamp that I'm using to send this letter to your Publisher's. I had to trade my lunch tray to get a stamp, some paper's, and an envelope to write this letter.
I was seriously thinking of turning some of these P/S, into stories, to give something like an informative book to the public of actual P/S, not from a writer who never stepped food in prison before in their life you see? Plus I couldn't write that type of book in myname or I'll be on the "America's Most Wanted" in the prison's you see?? Plus, not only of my idea's, I'm sitting around several idea's in here. Murder's, Rappist, etc... etc....
But the bad thing about it, is that I'm only allowed to recieive Postal Money Order's or a Bank's Cashier Check's.
If Silhouette think's that my novel plot is too much of a Killing Triller type, I'll produce it for you, at which I know that if it's in the right hand's, it will be a best seller novel, but not

Letter from a Killer, page 3
only that, also being a movie hit. I'm sure that once the producer's of "Natural Born Killers" read's the novel, they'll be wanting to make a movie about it. That's how good I personally think it'll be. I'd let a few other inmate's read a few pages of it and they quoted that it'll be a damn good novel once I've gotten it into print.
I've never done this before, so I don't know the going rate for this type of knowledge. So that's why I'm letting you make an offer for each of them?
As soon as I'm able to Afford a typewriter, my pages will be typed up for you. Plus if we agree upon something like for the Hershey Bar Killer novel that I'm working on now. If you want it, it will be awhile for me to rewrite it because I'm only making 6.00 dollar's per month, so I have to save up to order paper and stamp's and envelopes you see?? The reason I've named it the Hershey Bar Killer, is that he leave's a H/B wrapper at the murder scene. That's his trade mark.
Listen I have to go, But Please let me know something on this. With your writing skill's and my Criminal Intent, we could be a damn good team together. We can make your novel's come to life and scare the living shit out of the reader's. I hope to hear from you soon.

Respectfully Submitted,
James Kelly

Letter from a Killer, page 4
If you do not wish for me to know your actual address, maybe we can use your publisher or agent's address?
You see I'm reasonable.

James Kelly

James Kelly #157459
H.C.C.F. Unit I-D-103
5240 Union Spring's Road
Whiteville, Tenn.

P.S. I'd used up another tray to enclose this S.A.S.E hopefully your publisher will forward my letter to you?

Thanks again,
James Kelly