Buried Prey

Buried Prey, tall paperback

The New York Times Book Review called John Sandford's Storm Prey "a beautiful thing to behold." But what Davenport is looking at now is not beautiful at all.
An entire block on the edge of the Minneapolis loop is being torn down for development, when an unpleasant surprise is unearthed: the bodies of two girls, wrapped in plastic, underneath an old house. It looks like they've been down there a long time. Lucas Davenport knows exactly how long.
In 1985, Davenport was a young cop just about to be promoted out of uniform, despite a reputation for playing fast and loose with the regulations. A local hockey hero, a womanizer, a superb undercover guy, he was part of the massive police effort that followed the kidnapping of two girls who were never found again, dead or alive. Eventually, the case was closed.
But not for Davenport. Now, with the bodies discovered, he has the chance to investigate the kidnappings all over again, and the deeper he probes, the more one thing becomes clear: It wasn't just the bodies that were buried. It was the truth.
Filled with his trademark razor-sharp plotting and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Buried Prey is further proof that "John Sandford is at the top of his game" (The Washington Post).



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