Website Credits

Hi there. My name's Ros. I'm the son of the author, and I'm also the webmaster. I'm the one who answers fan email, and I manage the Facebook presence, the Google+ presence, and Twitter. The author doesn't do any of those things (aside from an occasional post on Facebook). He just doesn't have the time.
I've been running the website since 1993, back in the days of Trumpet Winsock and the NCSA Mosaic web browser. It started as a side-project for what I was doing at the time, and just grew from there. It was never supposed to be a full-time job, but that's what it ended up being.
Since I'm only one who does any work on the website (I'm not counting the people at Yahoo!, which hosts the site; I'm just talking about the design and stuff) these credits are really just about me. It's a vanity page. Still, people sometimes write in to ask what software I use, or what hardware I use, and I'm putting that here, along with some other thank-yous.
If you want to know why the website looks the way it does, check out the Website Design page. And if you're wondering about my (occasionally weird and/or nonstandard) use of grammar, go to the Website Grammar page. This page is just for listing names and tools and stuff.

Design, Layout, Graphics, HTML, PERL Programming, Non-Quoted-Content, and basically everything else on the site that wasn't directly gleaned from a book or review or letter:
  • A desktop system with a big screen, for layout and design programs. Anything will do. I use an iMac, but that's a personal preference.
  • A laptop system for when I need to take things on the road. I have a Macbook Pro, because it works nicely with the iMac. But, again, personal preference.
  • Seriously, if you're a web designer, the hardware is almost irrelevant. I use what I have now, but I've used practically everything else at some time or other.
People the Aforementioned Design Team/Person Wishes to Thank:
  • Angie, Bethany, Carmel, Courtney, Eigene, Hank, Jacki, John D., John R., Katherine, Leah, Meaghan, Meris, Patrick, Skatje
  • The people behind the webcomics Cat and Girl, Dinosaur Comics, Penny Arcade, PvP, Questionable Content, Shortpacked, and Something Positive
  • My wife, Diva, for putting up with me
  • My sister (Emily) and her husband (Greg),
  • My parents (and since my dad's the writer, this conveniently avoids the whole "And to John Sandford, without whom none of this would ever have happened" dedication),
  • And everyone else who's helped to keep me sane during this whole endeavor.